Personal Record

So, if it isn't weather, its resources. It's not the lack of instructors at CAPT, but the lack of multi-engine aircraft. We have 4 PA44 and 3 of them are still down. So, yeah, I didn't fly again today. This will be bordering a record of how many days I haven't flown.

Graduation of a class that I actually knew took place today. The catering was better We'll see how things go! and the keynote was very informative. It would be nice to get a transcipt of the speech. We also got new CAPT hats. They don't look that great, but they were free (in some weird sense if you don't include the huge tuition). Looks like there is good news all around with the various airlines working with CAPT. Once again, excitement is in the air.

Adelle is here on a short trip. I'm excited that we get time to hang out.