Waffle House

Today finally marks the end to Adelle's little fantasy of waffles at the Waffle House. Definitely not that great at all. I don't even recommend eating there really. It's okay, but nothing short of what I couldn't do. I mean, eggo waffles taste better! Oh well, it was the experience that we were after. There was also this HUGE fly buzzing near. I mean, it almost looked like a bumble bee.

Tonight should be the first night flight in the PA44. We are in N926ER, again. If you don't remember, its the plane that had the mold issue going on and crews getting sick. The last time I flew that plane, it wasn't that bad at all. I mean, the weather was a little colder than normal so that probably helped with the smell. Usually on the hot days, 926 smells the worst. Adelle is thinking of coming tonight, but we'll see how the plane is prior to taking off. Maneuvers should be fun. I've never done them in the PA44 at night. I'm definitely looking forward to the flight.