a party without me

Hope you are all ready to party like ROCK STARS because we are rollin out in the biggest Limo Bus in San Diego to celebrate me & Vince's engagement! The party will be RAGING with over 80 ft of black leather couch seating, a 42" plasma, a stripper pole and most importantly.... a BATHROOM! We will cruise the city and make stops at our favorite beaches. Charging all night is priority so make sure you BYOB and BYOW!!! No charge for the limo bus...just pitch in for the driver's tip $5/person. Please let us know asap only if you can DEFINITELY make it as seating is VERY limited. Hope to see you there!

So, this is the evite for my godson's engagement party! Look at what I'm missing! This is ridiculous! Take lots of pictures Vincenzo! That sounds like so much freaking fun!