Random Saturday in Daytona Beach

So, I woke up today learning that my Charger hat sold on eBay for just about what I paid for which was good. I wanted to ship it out today but I woke up late and the post office closes at 12:00 pm along with UPS stopping at 13:00. I didn't wake up that late, but I wouldn't have time to get ready and head to Palm Coast. It's about a 15 - 20 minute drive to the PCP.

After I did that, I cooked a good breakfast meal. I had rice, Vienna sausage with some Montreal steak seasoning along with scrambled eggs with onions, green onions, pepper, and salt mixed in. I have to say that I was even impressed with how good it tasted! I just might do that again tomorrow.

Then, JZ (Jon Zimmerman) came over and all three of us (Matt included) headed to Daytona to go hit some golf balls at the Daytona Beach Public Golf Club. I did okay, but wasn't consistent. I was using an old school wooden driver that they had for those without clubs. We then hung around for a bit and I found a place in Port Orange with a batting cage. We headed there and on the way saw a good place to eat. Or what we thought we be a good place. Here's a picture of me in the batting cages.

After finding out that we we were not that good we left and headed to that place that looked pretty interesting. Oh yeah, I was able to bat lefty pretty good tonight too. Much better at hitting left handed with the fastballs than the right. This picture is me hitting righty.

We got a little lost along the way, but managed to find the restaurant that looked like it was in the middle of a bayou or something. Before we entered through the chain link fence, a gentleman that looked like Rip Van Winkle greeted as he walked out of the place. I mean, his beard long and white. I passed by a Red Ford Ranger with an awesome American symbol. Check it out! Gotta love the Daytona Beach!

Flying last night at Savannah was pretty fun too. I landed straight in for Runway 36 and then made a left turn to join the left downwind for runway 9 with an MD 88 following in close. With him following me, I made a very short approach as what tower advised me that I do. After doing a quick touch-n-go, tower then told me to make a right turn and join the right downwind for 36. We did a go around, because there was another plane on final for 9 and the two runways intersect. I actually went around because my instructor pulled a fuse that indicated our landing gear wasn't functioning properly. It was convenient. Of course, tower then told me to turn left again for 9 and the last one, we headed back for 36. It was some awesome pattern work at KSAV. I loved doing that. I was a little confusing at first, but I was able to tune in both ILS freq. and switch between the two on every approach. We fueled at Signature FBO which was great. The iced tea, hot cocoa, little indoor putting area and couches were great. We even got .75 cents off with the Embry Riddle discount. Along the taxi way were 4 harriers and when we were preparing to leave, we saw a C130 taking off. It was a good night. Here's the picture of the runway layout.