Another frustrating day of PA44 flying. Piper, ERAU, & CAPT really have to get together and figure out what the hell is going on with the stupid oil pressure indicator. There has been a few times already where this would cut the lesson short. There also have been crews that do not down the airplane because this problems arises so much that it might not be all that risky. Shoot, I'm not going to take this risk. I guess next time I should take a picture or something.

To top it off, Diamond Aircraft came by with their DA42 Twin Star and did a quick show. I didn't have a chance to check it out because I didn't even know that they were coming. The had it on the ramp for a while too. I mean, what is ERAU trying to do to the new students? First they promise it from the beginning of our training and now (10 months into it and almost done with the multi-engine phase) they are taunting us again. The last few months have just been full of rumors and comments on our situation with any plane with G1000 Garmin Equipment. We are suppose to be the leaders in education and training and technology?! I don't think so. I know that the training is the best, but the equipment? Two out of out 4 PA44 are just dirt and full of mold/mildew. It makes me sick. I mean, the two planes really make me feel physically sick. Oh well, almost done. I hope that I get to experience a long cross country soon. But until then, resources, resources, resources. We'll see. Help pray for the best! I can almost see the end.

Oh yeah, Diamond Aircraft delievered the first one already in the US to a gentleman in St. Petersburg. I want to fly it sometime! The DA42 is such a sweet plane! I want a DA42 when I grow up. It just awesome! Check out the specs by clicking on the picture above!