Frustrating (part 2) and Otis Spunkmeyer

So, Manoj and I got a Seminole today and guess which one?!?!?! N935ER! Apparently maintenance fixed the problem. So, it was my turn to go first because of the make up time I needed from the night before. I take my time setting up the Garmin GS430 and complete a good runup, get lined up for 29 at X47 and execute a short field take off. Engine instruments in the green...opps, in the yellow...crap in the red...damnit it peaked past! It's the same damn instrument: Left Oil Pressure Gauge. I abort a total of three times after trying to do a static run and cycle the prop a few times. That doesn't help at all. I actually spent a totally of .6 doing that too and just taxied back to the CAPT ramp and asked for another plane. That's always a good way to start a flight.

We get N926ER: the mildew infested aircraft. I do a preflight and notice that the flight controls weren't "free and correct." We got them lubed up and the plane then smelt like mildew/grease. It was great! We discussed those issues on our departure briefing and headed for the fuel farm. We got gas, took off, did some maneuvers in the North Practice area before heading on our trip to Tallahassee (KTLH). It was a nice chill ride there with all my checkpoints lining up nicely. Finally when we were clear to land on 36, it a while for me to see the airport because it was just really dark. I spotted it after a while and did three landings. Got those out of the way and landed and taxied to Flightline FBO. It was awesome! Pool table, Otis Spunkmeyer cookies, leather was gorgeous! Fuel wasn't that much either at $3.64 /gal. Good stuff. I met a gentleman by the name of Colt who flies the Citation II out of X47. It was a nice contact and hopefully I'll be able to meet up and talk to him more often. Anyways, if anything, I got some good night time flying in and am pretty close to reaching my Stage I check before the week's end.