Asheville, North Carorina

Well, you can see that I'm wearing a sweater in the plane and I'm just being a little tourist while still being a good pilot monitoring. The trip planning to Asheville, NC was awesome! I mean, I was definitely on top of things. I was made aware of a departure procuedre due to the mountainous terrain nearby as well as the temperature and dew point spread. Basically, we landed and the recorded temperature reached 1 degree Celsius. It was freezing cold!!! Being at an airport with an altitude that was 2165 feet really changed the way we briefed the approach. Also, with the weather being cold and gusty, we really had to sit down and just prepare for the flight. It was a great trip. We even got a crew car and headed of for some local North Carolina BBQ. It was pretty good too! Here's a shot of some terrain. The airport lies within a small valley surrounded by mountains. It was pretty exciting.