still alive

Yes, a lot has been happening. With Manoj and I trying to "catch up" through multi-engine commercial phase, we are flying our butts off. Not only are we in the air for about 6 hours, but we bust duty days like they never existed. I mean, we are on track to finish on time but this is without our personal safety zone of performance being reached. What I really mean is I am confident of my skills, but not for testing purposes. We aren't even techincally behind the rest of the group. They just had better oppurtunities to fly out west and double on lessons where we were just doing one a day. Is it our fault that the date for jet was set without them knowing where we were in the course? I am not at all bitter because it is how the game goes. I am determined to finish and move along, but I do wish that I had more time to brush up on things. Being rushed and/or pressured is never a good feeling.

Over the last few weeks since the Asheville Entry, we have been to Peachtree, Georgia (near Atlanta), Pensacola twice with different instructors, Tallahase over again and just about anywhere else we could build time. It's been a great ride. We were 1 out of the two crews that were unable to go out west. I really wish that I had the chance to do just that. The stories I hear about what the cadets learn are just amazing. Makes me jealous.

I am also sorry for not being able to fly that one day. To everyone who does not know, I did go home for Thanksgiving because my mom really sounded like she wanted me home. I mean, come on is a Holiday that pratically everyone takes off. Being that most West Coast flights depart early, I had to leave Wednesday morning which then caused me to miss a flight. I felt really bad that I let down a couple of people, but for reaching a finish date with the sacrifice of family? There is a thin line. Don't put words in my mouth either that this program isn't a priority. This issue was coming and was forseen weeks in advance and the one day that most people have off to travel, I get dinged?

Luckily, I was able to change my flight from December 23rd to the 24th without that much punishment. It only cost me $7.00 because of the refund due to ticket pricing changes. Good stuff. But with that being said, please don't expect any presents this year. I am copmletely broke!

My friend Andy is doing really well in China. I am really proud of how much he has learned and the website that he is maintaining. You're doing a great job Andy! I've been listening to my language CDs and speaking to my mom a little bit. I'm still in the pre-beginning of things and dialogue, but I think that I am actually getting somewhere. ^_^ I can't spell things, but pronouncing is a different story.

Go Chargers! Last night's game against the Raiders looked like a joke. We just need some key events to take place and we're in!