Bad Service / NFL Star Struck?

I wanted to take Adelle to Rei de Gado in Downtown, San Diego and my friend Anh also wanted to hang out, so I made the best of it and combined the two. Ang was hung over like crazy and he needed food badly. I even called in for a reservation, but the service was just horrible. They didn't have our reservation and we didn't get seated until another 20 minutes later. After that, it was more than 15 minutes before we got our drinks and even then it was just painful to watch other people get refills while we haven't even gotten our first cup! We were all definitely just not having a good time or enjoying the restaurant in general. The food was good, but the waiters were absent from their duties. To say the least, one of the skewers fell on Anh's face and we only got a free dessert from it. I mean, it hit his eye pretty hard and I thought with all the events leading to that, we should have at least got comped. We ended the day though on a good note with him showing me his new Ecco (not Marc Ecko) snow shoes that he bought for his stay at Boston and that we would hang out again sometime later. Sorry that it was such a crappy first time there guys! On to the next part of the day...

The last few days have been me lingering on the idea whether or not I needed some new luggage for my frequent traveling. I went to the luggage store at Fashion Valley a couple of days ago to find out that Tumi was having a sale. Now, the only dilemma was deciding on what kind of design I wanted; duffel shaped with extra compartments or the traditional style. Of course, there was gray and black too. Tonight as I was looking around, I noticed a guy around my height looking at the same kind of bags. His mom, dad and wife were also helping him decide. I finally noticed that it was none other than Drew Brees! Starting to turn red and sweat a little, I just walked off to another part of the store trying to tell Adelle that it was freaking Drew Brees! She didn't hear me the first couple of times and asked, WHO?" in a loud whisper. It finally sunk into her head and she was telling me that I should go over and say hi. She even just started to follow him around the store trying to pretend to look at little pens and stuff. She definitely wasn't as embarrassed as I was. I didn't know what to do. For those who do not know who Drew Brees is, he is the #1 Quaterback for the San Diego Chargers.

Well, to make my star struck stupidity story short, I called Jojo and he told me that he wanted to talk to him and that I should hand over my cell phone to Drew. I was just so freaking nervous. I didn't even want to ask for his signature either. After talking to his wife for a little bit (asking advice on which bag to chose) I calmed down a bit and finally when they were checking out, I asked the store clerk for a Sharpie and politely asked Drew to sign my luggage. I think that I might have even said, "Do you think you can sign my bag for me?" I sounded like such a dork. He even turned a little red because I don't think that he has ever gotten such a request before. I told him to sign it large and he did just that. Check it out! Now, any suggestions on how to protect the signature? And yes I'm going to use my new bag. I just hope that no one takes it away! :-)