Mom's Company Party

read the post below if you haven't already by clicking here or scrolling's awesome!

Today was a relaxing day of just waking up late, eating some good food at Islands (Maui Burger + Loaded Fries and some sweet water) and heading down to Fashion Valley to return some goodies. We met up with Marella at their house in Fashion Hills and headed to the mall right after just for a little bit. I never knew that the Apple Store was that busy. It's ridiculous! At least I know that they have plans to make the Genius Bar much larger in the anticipation of more customers after their initial batch intel co branded computers.

I bought a new pair of Khakis from Banana and figured that's all I would need for my Mom's party and indeed it was! There was a lot of food and dancing (Adelle and I chose not to partake in the latter ^_^) Pictured above is: me, Adelle, Taylor, Jorene and Mom. Good times. Now, the dilemma is where or what to do tonight for New Years!!! It's crazy that its already here. NUTS!