From bushy, kid 'n play to monk

Well, I'm not sure if it was the sleep deprivation or just me being a little annoyed with my haircut being really uneven and just not that great, I decided to call on my roommate for a little New Year's Fun. Yeah I paid for a bad job ($16) and no, I did not keep the mohawk. To be more exact, my hair is just a size 1 (1 mm) all around. Feels weird, but nice. I'm not sure if it was a good idea being that this weekend's weather is calling for 31 - 32 degrees F at night. Maybe I'll find a beanie or something. Adelle pointed one out at Banana Republic, but I didn't get it because: 1) You don't need one in San Diego really, and in Florida and 2) my hair is big. Of course, there are always exceptions and both of them are now null & void. Oh well. I'll take another pic in the next month or so, and you'll get to see how fast my hair actually grows. It's a chia pet I tell you. But, I get to sleep an extra 10 minutes due to the less time spent in the shower and gel-ing my hair.

Jet classes are great! I wish that I had more time to study and do a lot more other things. Back to my last post of being 4 in 40, the official count is now, 4 in 49. Stupid Texas vs. USC Game. It was a great one though. Vince Young better just make his NFL draft run now. Stats, stats, stats...just incredible. I'm going to bed! And I still have laundry to finish folding...

Anti Florida RANT: So I finally found another dry cleaner today that hooks it up for $1 a shirt and $3.25 for a pair of pants. Of all places, this is in Ormond Beach. It's the nicer area of Daytona you could say. I finally went there today because of the haircut place, so it wasn't for nothing I guess. For some odd reason, Palm Coast thinks that they can charge $2.25 for a shirt and $5.00 for a pair of pants. Seriously much greed can one have? Not even the NYC, LA or San Diego or SF charges that much!!!