It's coming!!!

Well, being that tomorrow is Friday already, I can expect this month to go by fast with the ATP test actually happening within the next two weeks. Am I ready? Not yet...but I am definitely getting there. It actually isn't as bad as I thought it would be. It's good stuff. I mean, there are some really tedious questions. Just long computations and such. Not fun, but hey, you gotta do what every pilot must do in at point in his/her life. Class has been really fun with Dan Barnes and Randy Hetz. Rick and Jim are two new Jet IPs that are hanging out with our class. I definitely feel like this is what I have been waiting for. At the end of the month, we begin out King Air Simulation and LOFTs. That will be the next step in getting use to faster approach speeds and everything else. I can't wait!!! Oh the excitement!!!

Make sure you check out trelijah. I updated it with a picture with me in 06, with a new hair style, and three stripes. I also have 241 hours to date. Only 89.1 of those are Multiengine though. Anyone with a King Air and MEI time that wants to help me out?

Drew Brees also had a successful surgery today but the recovery should be a little longer than suspected. He is ready though for his aggressive rehab he says. Also in other Charger news, Shawne Merriman was nomiated NFL Rookie of the Year. I can't wait to see what other draft picks will bring the defense next year. There are quite a few good picks out there to chose from.

So, speaking of football, did anyone not figure out that after the 2nd TD from Vince Young, that he probably was going to go for it on fourth? Come on guys!!! I mean, definitely it was an exciting game, but you can't win unless your defense contains a man like that, but then again, who can? Next questions is, who will be the first pick in the '06 Draft?