121 Regs...

DONE!!! I didn't pass with the greatest of grades today only scoring a 90%. Remember that 90% is the passing score here at CAPT. It's an awesome standard and only makes you want to strive harder and work at it more and more. Tomorrow morning is going to be our first hands-on on the MD90. We're not going to be too much flying but instead we're going to be punching buttons into the FMS and learning how to preflight the plane. I'm loving all the new information that I am learning. I just wish that I can swallow the food before I get another mouthful. I'm sure that this is just going to make us deal with it better than others without this kind of firehouse experience who apply to the airlines. =)

Today was the first day that two of us were approached with some antagonism around the Main Campus at Daytona Beach Embry-Riddle. To think that some of these individuals were also graduate studnets. It's ridiculous that there is that animosity in the college itself about a sister program. I mean, at UCSD, when we opened the new Business School, expanded other things around campus, students were envious but not hating new. Is it partly due to the fact, student at main campus do not know that we did our time finishing up our BS degree already? We are already accomplished individuals who decided to change career paths. Give it some rest already. There are going to be a lot jobs available for everyone in the next few months. Just think though, the bonds that CAPT is building now will only strengthen ERAU as a whole! Get this too folks: The first main campus graduate just graduated from the CAPT program last week. What does that tell you? Please, lets just all get along.

Focus Air anyone?