Just an update on the New Washer... I love it! It's so fast and I finally gave in and ditched the downey ball for the round middle spinner thingy. Good stuff! Go Whirpool.

I still wouldn't mind the front loading LGs. My friend in Boston got a new television over the past week or so. He went all out with the a 32" Samsung LCD. Its freaking kick ass too! I wonder how much stuff inside current my house and my old room I have to sell (maybe on ebay) to upgrade to that thing. I still have one of the original HDTV Built-in TVs from Sony. It's definitely one of the best tube televisions out. I even bought it for the full intro HDTV price. Its the 34" XBR WideScreen, but for $4000, definitely not the same when the new Samsung only costs $2K. Gotta love the advancement in TVs and the decline in prices. I do have to admit that my TV at home is probably 5 years old or something. So, I guess you can say that it did its job.

Oh yeah...the new USPS postage stamp fee is now .39 cents. Don't forget those awesome .02 cent add-ons.