Today was one of the better flights in the MD90-30 Level D Full Motion Simulator. It was an enjoyable flight with a lot of hands on. When I say hands on, I mean like fighting the beast all the way down to the ground. I can't say that it was a safe landing (I crashed and red screened the sim) but it was definitely a learning experience where I would definitely avoid all possibilities of getting myself, crew and passengers involved in.

Departing KLAS on the MCCARAN 2 Departure with the Hector transition, we began setting up for the YENNI 1 Arrival. We were (or at least I thought we were) quite a ahead of the plane in terms of navigational and situational awareness. Little did we know that what the ATIS was broadcasting (Thunderstorms in the Vicinity) would turn into them moving onfield. It was definitely, bar none, the bumpiest ride I have ever experienced. At one point I thought that we lost an engine, but nope, it was just chaos taking over. This was only the 6th flight and with no knowledge of systems (this is only the transition course not the MD90 ground lab) it was a battle. I found myself saying to Kevin that I didn't think that we would make it.

The first shot around, we had to get revecotred because I blew through the ILS 25R Localizer and then wound up 3000 feet above the Middle Marker. That was a definite go-around. Getting revectored for another approach seemed to go well, but I should have known to not and try to save any approach if I wasn't stabilized. I definitely wasn't at 1000' but I still tried to do it. I had the field in site, but it was too late. We started another inbound approach and I got a chance to go around. Of course, I thought that it was another case of Windshear, but I just wasn't setup fully. Once more, we got put on the 4.5 DME out from runway 25R and made another attempt. It was an alright one, but still, I definitely would like to get more of this action on.

My babe is coming to town! T-minus 51 hours and counting...(as of this publication)