Everyone has to pick up the new Jack Johnson Album entitled: Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George. It is definitely one of the best sounding, coolest, chillest, just laid back albums I have heard since, I don't know, his last one. It's great! Go get it already and stop reading this!

Quote from iTunes Reviewer: "all you have to do is pop this in and the girls strip all their clothes off."

My serious review: If you love songs just about everyday life, this album stands out in happily creating "happy" tunes. It's almost as if Jack Johnson was born to sing about Curious George. It is a little childish, but come on, you can't expect that it wouldn't be esp. with it entitled "Sing-A-Longs..." The famous intro to Napoleon Dynamite theme song is onboard and it just works and completes the theme of this release. His acoustics along with G. Love and Ben Harper epitomizes how great a release can be if you combine two musical geniuses. Grab it!

MD90: It was rather smooth today with Kevin and I definitely now finally moving right along together in the airplane together. What I mean is, is that we aren't chasing it anymore being that we were way far behind it. We aren't topnotch just yet, but we are getting comfortable. I did a circle to land in Boston Logan which was great at 700" AFE and touchdown without consequence. We're still navigating with the VORs / NAV radios, but soon enough, we will start using the FMS to its fullest automating glory!