So far so good...

I completed my MD-90 Oral exam on last Friday and now begins the fun. I'm 14 lessons away from the DC-9 type rating! Really...its crazy! To fully comprehend how much I have learned in the last few weeks is just impossible. I mean its like reading an automobile manual back and forwards with emergency procedures and having the limitations memorized. Of course, the oral was a good 4 hours. You think that you can't talk about a plane that long, but you could actually probably go on for days! It was a good nice smooth oral and I was rather impressed that I knew more and wanted to keep going! I did get stumped here and there, don't think it wasn't hard, but the jet instructors did a tremendous job in preparing all of us.

I finished Sim 1 on Saturday and this final course in the CAPT ciriculum brings me full circle in another a 14 rides. The last one is the FAA Checkride that is held to ATP standards. Should be fun.

the time accordingly. The aircraft that we flew was the DA20-C1 (Diamond Eclipse) 2 seater. She performed great in the air, but sometimes if the headwind was ugly, the cars beneath us looked as if they were traveling faster than us! The power was good enough but the largest factor in our delays was that the aircraft was not IFR certified. Once we had sight of any clouds, we had to land. Oh well...made for a great trip. If anyone wants a plane ferried, don't hesistate to ask.Last weekend, I took a trip out to Long Beach, CA from Spruce Creek, FL with Greg Farlow. It was an amazing trip and we took some great pictures. We logged a total of 21.3 hours and split The picture of the mountains with the snow was taken while we were crossing on top of Palm Springs . I chose that we take the higher road over the mountain for a straight in into Long Beach. Banning Pass isn't always accomodating to small planes. :-)

Is Drew Brees really leaving San Diego? I like Rivers...I just don't want to wait too long until we go and win a Championship!