Server Downtime

Hey folks! Not that there are a lot of you out there that read my blog of visit my page (actually I got about 100 hits in one day and that's the highest so far) but my entire website has been this way for way too long. I did say that I've been thinking of changing the entire format for it, and here it is. You won't really be getting to see all the stuff until I go public with it, but its a lot of backend projects and coding. Over the next few weeks it'll still be up as I will be keeping up my posts in this area (CAPT). You're probably here already because of the redirect from the main

I'm incorporating a new photo album and a new index that is powered by Joomla. I'm still learning all the comp langauge and stuff, but hopefully I'll be able to pick it up in no time. Of course, this is all going to be accomplished after I finish the MD90 course, so don't think of looking for anything crazy awesome in the next few days. Consider it a work in progress to occupy me during the times of no planes.

Here's a link to the new photo album. It's powered by Coppermine and works great! I'm been deciding on whether or not to use the Apple iWeb application, but looks like I'll just be sticking around w/ Joomla and all this other open source projects. If you would like an account or something or just need some server space to upload some pix, don't hesistate to ask. I have 12GBs or something!