Sim #3

Well, tonight's sim ride wasn't that great but we did learn a lot. I messed up here and there, but my manuevers worked out pretty good. Getting all my callouts standardized is definitely a task, but I'm sure that repetition will hammer them all out. These late night session from 1830 to 0030 aren't that fun. Oh well, I better get some rest now and try to accomplish a lot tomorrow. Let's see: Study, wash the car, clean my room, do laundry, finish learning a song already, work on the website or study some more. Oh yeah, I also have to redo my resume. I have 10 rides until my pre-rate and one more following that for the FAA checkride. Scary thing. Kurt put it in perspective saying that we have come a long way and that we only need practice and more emergency training. I definitely agree, but its just scary. Awesome to know that I can fly a jet, but still surreal. Scary isn't the right word...amazingly scary is more like it.