Sim #4 and prelim for #5

Sim 4 was great! It was so much from to having an engine go out on takeoff, running the checklists, communicating and getting things organized in the cockpit. Good times. Things are definitely coming along. I stepped outside for a quick break after we caused the sim system to literally crash and realized one thing that I was missing. After my Commercial Multi FAA Checkride, the DE mentioned that he felt a command presence. That's the IT that I have been lacking these last few rides. I am new to the MD90 with only 20-30 so hours and my checkride was done after my 87th hours in the Seminole so to compare, I'm definitely still learning. Let alone its a whole other beast flying a jet. Still, knowing my "stuff" better is the goal for the next couple of rides. Stall Series and Steep Turns are surprisingly coming along rather easily for both Kurt and I.

I had a single engine go around followed by a single engine 20 knot crosswind landing today and it wasn't has hard of a landing than some of my previous. I definitely have a lot to go, but I'm getting there. I wish that I had more time to just keep trying to land over and over again. Oh well, we'll see how today's rapid decompression goes. We don the O2 masks and everything. Emergency Descents, look out below!