Sim #8

Well, today definitely was a good day to go back and practice the stall series and steep turns in the MD90. I wasn't at my 100% due to the lack of sleep and early start session. I have no idea why I went to bed so late (2:30AM) because it would only give me 1 hour of sleep! I just got caught up...ya know when you want to go to bed early and plan to but then you just start a new project? Exactly!!! Well, I was happily woken up by a phone call from my gee eff at 4:12AM which where I jumped in the shower and got ready for a 4:30AM departure. Of course, it wasn't only me to wake up a little late, but things worked out. Our session didn't officially start until 6:15AM but my partner and I like to go over a bunch of things before hand. We planned on 5:15AM and it still worked out.

So, getting back to today's sim, I had a couple of faults such as an APU fire prior to V1 where I actually said reject after a fumble or two in thinking exactly what to say and I also got to do a no stabilizer landing. Visual approaches and circle to lands made up the most part of today's lesson. I was practicing and getting exposure to what I might expect and there are some really difficult approaches out there. Let's just sum it up to where I wouldn't want to be in Washington D.C. Dulles with low visibility and ceilings trying to do a circle to land...

I have the next two days off which is great. I also get to work on a computer for a friend which, if you know me, I don't mind. He ended up showing me his old Micron 133 MHz (yes that's a pentium 1 machine) and I heard the Windows 95 opening wav file and just gasped. Am I that old or just that much of a nerd? can count me out for tomorrow. I'll still be studying and trying to fix up my resume while I have the time off. Give me a ring when you're off!