Day Off #1

Well, remember that I was previously just exhausted yesterday? I fell asleep on my desk for like 5 minutes, headed over the couch to watch some TV with Matty p and Jeremy, fell asleep there, and felt that I wasn't going to make it. The time was 9:00PM. So, I decided to go to sleep. I woke up at 7:00AM today and felt extremely well rested. Of course, being that there was nothing stopping me from sleep some more, I went back to bed till 10:00 and then back again till 2:00PM when Manoj called and said that he wanted to do some errands. So, I got plenty of rest, had a small headache and headed to Daytona. We dropped off his car for an oil change and he got some new glasses. I had some pretty good Chinese food at a place called China Max that looked like it was run by some Filipinos or at least some other breed of Asians. Saw some really nice shoes for Adelle or my sister or whoever really, just nice shoes and then hung out and watched Friday Night Lights.

We were talking about the movie and the ending on how it would have been exactly like this past year's Rosebowl only if they made that last touchdown. Good times. Then we drove around aimlessly looking for a place to eat only to see them closed or just look too ghetto and just wound up at Daytona Ale House. Now, I'm back at home and its 3:00AM and I'm typing this blog. Maybe its times to go to sleep.

I did get one thing accomplished today....dry cleaning was dropped off and will be done tomorrow. I got a nice list for tomorrow...really I do.