Sim #10

Being Flight Riddle 410 wasn't easy today with me trying to rush to checklists, not being able to hold wings level while trying to fly a raw data single engine ILS, and just being all over the place. It's pretty crazy what we are going through everyday but it is coming down to checkride day. I'll keep on saying that until the day, but its crazy stuff. You look at everything that pilots prepare for and then you actual do it, it's ridiculous. I'm loving every moment of it, and still when I stand the throttles up, even though it is a sim, I get ansi in anticiaption that something will go wrong. I guess that its a good thing but it does take the "fun" out of it, unless you consider that all the emergency procedures are fun. Don't get me wrong, the flights wouldn't be anything but boring if nothing happenend. Every flight is exciting. You come to learn the famous quote that everyone should know: "If you ever experience a boring flight, you're pilot is doing his/her job well." I didn't word it the exact way, but you get the gist.

Checkout the trelijah blog. I'm telling you, you can only see it in Daytona Beach.