I had Sim #12 this afternoon and it definitely went well...at least for the first half. We took a class picture today and then finished up my lesson. Things just didn't start off on the right foot with a tail windshear on takeoff. It wasn't necessarily my fault but still, things just didn't work out. We tried it again and then once more before I made it out of there. In the air around 29000 feet, we had an explosive decompression scenario (my first) and I thought that I would be able to do well, but I got into a Dutch Roll with the initial blow out and was never able to recover. I did the following next times, but it just stunk. We did it over and over again and then my time was up.

I have a sim session at 5:00AM and as I'm writing this its alread 1:10AM. I did fall asleep at 1900 this afternoon and got a good 5 hours, but since then, I haven't been able to fall back asleep. It's frustrating but I'm just going to study and rehearse what my sim will be like for tomorrow. It is my last chance to iron out a few items before the pre-rate ride and the checkride. I will have a day or two off until those two events, but it going to get crazy and hectic. Wish me all the luck you can!

Here's out class pic from left to right:
Kevin Lubic, Kurtis Buffington, Manoj Osuri, Ryan Nay, Forrest Foust, Elijah Nicolas, Greg Farlow, and Laura Pigott. It will be a total of 15 months for some and 13 for the others who all started ab initio.