Sim #13 + 5 days until...'s flight was deifnitely productive. I thought that I was able to perform adequately so that I feel comfortable for the up coming events, but I wouldn't of liked to have 5 days off between now when I'm feeling good till my pre-rate. I'm sure that it'll still go well, I'll just keep on chair flying and going over the maneuvers more and more. It's exciting to know that I graduate in less than 10 days, but its scary not knowing what lies ahead.

I just found a flight for China just shy of $500 bucks! That's exciting. Too bad I didn't know about the program that my friend Andy is going through earlier. It's called the Konall Culture Exchange (KCE). You can check out their services at Check it out! $14K for a great year in the program with food, shelter and schooling. Now, that's an educational experience. Mine was an excellent program but it did cost just a little bit more.