Today's first leg from LAX to LAS (Los Angeles to Las Vegas) went rather smoothly. I eleted to sit right seat because I haven't done a landing from that side before. This is course made me the First Officer and my flight partner Manoj the PIC. The whole first leg went without an event except for a closed runway forcing us to amend our approach into LAS. Nothing at all really too bad. We also were move aware of how much gas we had on board and how that would factor in if we were going to be holding for more than we had already begun to do so.

My leg, we had hell broke loose. The ground shift mechanism failed and that just caused all these aural alerts to go bezerk. We couldn't come back into LAS due to the weather minumums, so we just headed for LAX. Being that we couldn't get the gear up, we elected to just raise it using hte bypass switch but that caused us to not have it when we lowered the gear back down on the approach into LAX. I asked for a hold around Seal Beach to troubleshoot the problem and we deiced to go for the longest runway. It was a lot of communication between approach and company and the flight attendants, but it worked out well. Coming in for the landing was awesome. I was happy that I was able to hold the nose up for quite a while and didn't even put it down until around 70 KIAS. That made is rather smooth. We came to an abrupt stop and called for the passenger evacuation. Good times! Tomorrow should be even more fun. Adelle is coming!