LOFT 3 and 2...DONE!!!

Well, I had these two LOFTs with #3 yesterday and #2 today. The biggest failure of yesterday was that both FMS computer failed and we became a slant alpha aircraft using traditional VOR navigation. It was exciting and crazy on how fast you come up on each nav aid. Taking into consideration the altitude that you are flying at and just being fully ahead of the plane was the biggest lesson. It was great because I sat left seat and got to strengten my understanding and adhearnce to the boundaries between being Pilot Flying and Pilot in Command. Flying the plane from the right seat is a little difficult with always being fuly conscience that the Captain is still the Captain and that you need to ask politely that things be done. It's quite weird.

Adelle came in yesterday and I introduced her to Tio Oxie's. It was good times. We also hung out with Manoj, Greg, Steph and her friends at Daytona Ale House for quite a while. Good times!

LOFT #2 was today and I hand flew the flight due to both our autopliots being inop. I was el capitan today and once again flying into JFK with negative temps and icing runway condidions was fun. I elected to use flaps 40 and got the plane done rather well. I'm now officially done with the CAPT program and what a feeling it is!