CAPT Graduation

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This time, it was my turn! The morning started out great with my family getting a tour of the MD90 simulator in Daytona Beach at 7:30AM. That meant that all of us needed to be out the door at 6:45 in order to get there on time. After some strict regimenting, we stepped out on the minute.

We got into the sim and I demonstrated some hard landings as well as some soft ones just to show them the realism of the device. I had my dad, sister and adelle follow along with me while I was left seat. I let them try to land the plane and helped out whenever I saw that things were getting bumpy. Then off to the ceremony.

I graduated summa cum laude along with four stripes. It was definitely an awesome day. We even had a special individual, by the name of Dan Robertson, give a very intriguing speech about the status of our industry. The food service went well after a week long of setting up and confirming the necessary funds, but everyone really enjoyed it. It definitely beat out the traditional BBQ that we normally get, but it did come at a cost. Well worth it!

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