Checking out...Checking in? + FLL Mex

I have to admit that the Mexican food in FLL is a great sigh of relief. The food in general is amazing. It's like I was stranded on an island with only pulled pork and Pork BBQ ribs for 16 months and now I've returned. I'm eating too well again, but that will definitely be cut back very soon.

I woke up extra early today to check out prior to the interview sessions, had some breakfast. We got in at 8:00AM with HR to begin filling out paperwork for the application which was a little of a doozy, but nothing that I wasn't overly prepared for. I got too anxious for this interview that I went a little overboard and did bring more than what they wanted, but they didn't mind have the extra things. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Mr. David McElroy, the CEO of Focus Air Cargo and listened in on him for about 45 minutes until I was pulled out of the meeting in order to meet Mr. Greg Vanek, Director of Operations. Mr. Michael Klenz drove me to the Corporate HQ and I got some good interview time with him along the way. I met Mr. Vanek and interviewed with him and the Assistant Chief Pilot, Mr. Bob Farina. One of the main questions was that, am I ready to do what I'm set out to do per the contract. I said yes very enthusiastically and he asked how soon I was willing to start. Not willing really, but just how soon could I start. I said immediately, and he said that there will be an HR orientation meeting tomorrow that I could attend pending on how the rest of the day went. I'm telling you, this company is something else. Service...shoot might as make it our slogan because that's the way that they have tailored this "airline" business. I'm excited and I couldn't wipe this grin off my face.

I got a quick tour of where everyone works and headed back to the Hotel for the interview. I sat in with Mr. George Grinrod and Mr. Michael Klenz again for some quick questions. They asked what was my personal definition of CRM and went well. I was very happy with the response that I gave. We had lunch which was a veal parmesana that Mr. Klenz recommended to me and it was large and very tasty. I then headed to the final interview with Ms. Fe Eschavvaria and Ms. Gina where they asked the personal questions about life and how I got here. It was a good session.

So, I was given a key to a new room, I checked back in and was invited to stay till Friday for the HR orientation. I have a room at the Hampton Inn for 30 days beginning Monday, May 7th so anyone that is in town, come by and lets go for a swim. It's awesome! I'm so stoked and can't hardly wait to dive into things.

After everything was completed, I went upstairs and called a few people here and there. That was a great feeling to have although it is all surreal and still feels like I am dreaming. To be employed in a situation that will get me to an FE spot in a 747 in just a year, is just overwhelming!!! I called up the boys here that I've been talking to who also recommended me and spoke highly of me and went out to dinner. It was definitely a great place that tasted like I was back at home. I still miss San Diego, but FLL isn't that bad. I'm sure that once the humidity kicks in it's going to be crazy, but I'm sure that I'll get acclimated soon enough.

from left to right: Jesse Lindbergh, Corey McCarthy, myself, Justin Emigh -- Thanks fellas!!!

Mission: to find a place to stay in the greater FLL area. anyone need a roomie?