VHS 8 Balls and Patriot Acts

The title isn't that witty. It's just probably dumb, but I'm trying to become more "fun" rather than just telling you about my daily life.

HR Orientation has just gotten upgraded to another level. Multiple VHS tapes on office conduct , harassment, and diversity really complicates what you can and cannot do while at work. I have worked in multiple business environments in the past, but this is one place that takes all the precautions and puts out all the stops. It's quite scary really. They even had a video where in one incident, an individual says that it's kosher and that was offending. It definitely can be, but when used without intention except that of the definition, in my opinion, relieves you from the liability. It truly is not only in the eye of the beholder (dictator) but the listener as well. I am very sorry to all that I might have offended in the past with what I have said with things being kosher or what not.

I find it that Corporate America has reached a new levels of hesistation and caution. Because of the two means, one who cannot take a joke and the other who takes it too far, it ruins the middle ground and turs the water muddy. Not fun I tell ya, but I already can feel that this company is doing it right. There isn't any reason to not be PC anymore. Family was used a lot today and I hope to make it just that.

I hit the winning 8 ball in today after my counterpart did all the work on the table but then I also stunk it up with hitting it out of turn the next game. I had a great time speaking and learning about the company from different individuals. Tonight sealed the deal for me in supporting my feeling that this is the place and environment that I want to be. I want to grow and this company definitely can provide me the paths and tools that I need. I'm loving every starting moment of it.