SA-TSA Training

Today we covered a slew of various subjects ranging from safety, anti-drug and alcohol all the way to TSA regulations. Had some pretty good chinese for lunch. It was actually awesome because it was still being sponsored! =) I got to meet more of the crew and even help an individual install a CBT for the HT9100 FMS (Honeywell) into their brand new T42 Thinkpad Laptop. It still says IBM on them, but as you may know, Lenovo did take over all of IBMs PC division. Back from being a dork, work is just awesome. Fort Lauderdale is awesome! I can't wait to finally just "move" here. I know that I'll be commuting up to Palm Coast for a little bit because I would have forgotten a few items here or there. It's also going to take a while to find a place or something.

I need to find a place to live soon! I have a room paid for in the Hampton Inn for 30 days so that's tight, but living in a hotel isn't that exciting after a week already.

I'm tired....