back in es dee

Calling last night for the loads for this weekend, the customer representative told me that I was good to go. I got to the counter this morning and was assigned a seat right away. Smoothness. I got a chance to finally begin work on some details prior to my leaving the country but still have yet to submit it to the big guy.

I arrived this morning in Long Beach and am back in town just to say, "Goodbye till next time..." to a few of my friends. I met a really cool individual that worked at Southwest and chatted up until we landed. Good times.

I had a great lunch with my mom and dad who also picked me up at Long Beach. Thanks guys for that. It's actually been a lot of fun. Really homey even in the new home that they just moved into. It's HUGE! I like it because its really expansive and roomy just all over. Good luck to the fam in trying to consolidate everything into this house. I hope that things pull through in accomplishing a 100% move. :-)

I'll be here till Sunday so if you are reading this, you should give me a call. The next few days are going to be a doozy! I'll miss the counter crew at jetBlue Fort Lauderdale. Thanks for everything guys!