the last kiss

After a fun filled morning of sleeping and talking to a friend for a while, I finally got out of bed waking up at 1300 PDT. I got ready by 1400 PDT and headed out to Sam Woo BBQ with Adelle, Corinne, Marella, and Jojo for some Chinese. I chose not to eat In N Out because of all the burgers I've been eating while in Florida. I'm sure I'll be eating that before I leave tomorrow night or something. We ordered up the restaurant at Sam Woo! We had Chef's Special Fried Rice, House Chow Mein, Honey Walnut Shrimp, Beef Broccoli, Salted Fried Pork Chop and Watergrass with garlic sauce. That was an awesome feast.

I finally got a good haircut that didn't result in shaving my head from a Vietnamese guy that Jojo recommended and then headed back to Adelle's Apartment. Chilled for a little bit then went to my aunt's house in Scripps Ranch to hang out with the cousins and eat more! Got to relax a little bit over there. Good times. I'll post some pix once my cousin Nicki sends them over! ~grrrr

We decided to watch "The Last Kiss" but on the way to the theater after talking about Frosty's at Wendy's I decided to make a detour and pick one up. Mmmmm, it was good. So, on to my little review: It was pretty good. I didn't know what to expect other than a Garden State 2 remix but I was rather impressed. I wouldn't give it a nine or ten, but it was done well. A strong 8 is on par. A story about 20 something year olds on the verge of family life or on the road already is something that we all could to relate to. I didn't really personally but I definitely see it everywhere. Friends getting married, some having kids, things just "ending." I like to always think of it as a beginning to the end of loneliness and a start for lifelong friendships and family. Go check it out! I wanted to bring my cousins but it was a little late and when she told me it was rated "R" I was surprised. After watching it, I guess that some scenes were for 13 year olds, but man...not a lot of things are. Off to sleep now!