Hello world!

As the title states..."Hello world!" I'm just starting to really get back into really making my digital life feel like its worth something. I really haven't been satisfied or impressed with anything that I've been doing in the virtual world and decided to take it to another level. I've decided to migrate from Google's Blogger (after 8 years) to Wordpress. I've always been hesitant because it seemed like it required a lot of programming and customization variables. So, because of all the down time I have in hotel rooms during my long 4 day trips, I might as well get on with this and make it something worth while. I'm still going to be keeping up my blogging as much as I can and the links to my schedules, but it'll be a while before 1.0 is out. I'll make this post the first of .01 alpha release. (yes I'm a geek)

I decided to not sleep after my continuous on-duty trip to Jacksonville, North Carolina. For those who don't know what a COD is, it means, that I end up getting usually less than adequate sleep / rest at the away station. For instance, last night, I got about 5 hours total sleep but this is the way the trip is setup. It makes it so that you are on the duty clock the entire time you are on the ground and this makes it legal. So, I left my crashpad at 1900 yesterday, arrived at the airport around 1955, got on my plane and took off around 2053 heading for Jacksonville, North Carolina. We landed at 2222, got to the hotel around 2250 (23 minutes shuttle ride), and I went right to sleep. I woke up at 0500, got dressed, left the hotel at 0600, made it to the airport at 0630, took off at 0658, landed back in Atlanta at 0834, went to ops to fill out some paperwork, got on the shuttle and went home back to the crashpad. I haven't slept since.

In case you are asking what I've been doing since I got home after having a reduced night's sleep, I've been playing Call of Duty4: Modern Warfare on PS3 and rethinking my website!!! I was able to pick it up yesterday and its just been non-stop action. It stinks that in comparison to Warhawk, we can't play multiplayer local online --> 4 of us at home on one PS3 with the rest of the world online. Hopefully there's a patch out soon to enable this because it kicks Halo 3's ass!!!