Just checked...

I didn't notice that my other blog "the battle" was still online but now I have sent all redirects to here:  www.elijahnicolas.com/wp  I think that it might just stay this way for quite a while, maybe a dynamic picture uptop or something, but we'll see.  I remember doing that for my Luxembourg blog a while back so making this one will be a little of the same deal.  Maybe just random collages or something. Well, today was another day of nothing-ness.  Woke up early around 9:00AM and since then I've been catching up on my shows, playing a little more Call of Duty 4 and that's it!  Call of Duty has been a lot of fun but I still really wish that we could all play online together.  Oh well, hopefully in the next patch or something.

I ate a can of Soup, the one with the red label along with some popcorn for a lunch and for breakfast, I had the usual Eggo Waffles with topped with maple syrup and light butter spread.  I also had some blueberry oatmeal that my roommate left me and I was actually kind of impressed.  It was quite tastier than the usual brown sugar flavored oatmeal that I have.

I think that I'm going to try to expand a little bit today with the links to my schedule again and go from there.  I still don't know if I want all the sidebars and stuff because they really don't contain any useful information.