Another Wednesday, Another Nite Moves San Diego 5K (@NiteMovesSD)

As much as I wanted to run below the 27 minute mark, I was forced to walk more than run.  I haven't been this fatigued since the first time I became a weekend warrior and ran a 10K.  My legs basically just said no.  It's not excuse but the night prior, I finished my first brick which I was still hurting from. However, I did beat my previous week's time by a couple of seconds, 5 to be exact, so I'm happy with that.  I was put to shame by a mother with a dual race stroller with two babies in carriage.  I could have overtaken them but it was near the finish line and I didn't want to look like the over zealous douche.  Being courteous is all part of the game right?!

Tonight, I got to meet a bunch more of the guys and had a good time enjoying some FireStone Beers and more Tabe Taco Truck!  I had a chance to speak to Jenner (the awesome guy that setup Nite Moves in San Diego) and volunteer my services for the run or two.  I also got a chance to hear about the possibility of adding a swimming portion for next year in the channel just adjacent to the Naval Training Center Liberty Station Park which would be awesome!  I can't wait till next week!

Here's some data from Garmin Connect: