A (short) Wednesday Hike

I decided to take a hike yesterday and go up a local mountain trail. More specifically, up Black Mountain. It isn't really a recreational hike but more a path up a mountain side but it felt really good. I've actually done this hike 4 times this year which is a record but it's short and usually gives you great views of San Diego. Not so much yesterday. Parking near the gates, I set off and kept the speed up and sweat a good bunch. The only downside was the late start but it all was well worth it. It's pretty awesome taking a look at the Garmin data how much more of an effort it is to climb than descend. Taking a look at the elevation gain of ~750 feet, you can see the heart rate graph accompanying the ascent and descend where it drops off almost a whole 20 bpm. It's definitely more along the effortless side of working out, but none the less, I was still within the 60% Max zone. Good times! I'll have to post some panoramic views next time I "summit!"