Getting out there

I'm been stuck running on treadmills for the last couple of weeks but fortunately, I was able to get out there and do a lap around Miramar Lake. I donned my SunRype running shorts for the first time and they felt awesome! I should have taken a picture. After recording an 8" mile for the first one of five, my neck cramped up??? Yah, it's a first and I still feel a slight strain on it. Hopefully it gets better but it must be associated with all the time commuting and / or flying back and forth huh? I'll admit my posture isn't the best when stuck in a middle seat of a Delta 757 or the jumpseat with your legs dangling.

It was a hot day to run being that I chose to start at noon but it was good times being out in the sun. It's less than a month till the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon so it's time to up my game! Excluding all the flying I'll be doing the next few weeks, hopefully I'll have the energy to squeeze in some long treadmills sessions. Oh the glamorous life of a pilot. :/