It's been awhile

I promised to continue to update the blog on a daily if not every other day basis, but I've just got too much to say sometimes that I talk it out of myself and don't write it down.  I'll keep trying.

Today is the 3rd day out of a 4-day trip and is day 10 out of my 14 of 16 day work schedule.  Plans have gotten a little more solid in terms of when I plan to fly overseas to meet up one of my college friends in the Mediterranean coast.  I leave on a Saturday, arrive Sunday night and hang out for a couple of days.  We're still not sure on what exactly we're going to be doing once I get there, but I'm sure that more plans will come about closer to the dates.  (May 17 - 24th)

Flying this much isn't that bad really, but being away from the comfort of home kind of stinks.  I haven't been back to San Diego now for almost a month and am still dying to try out the new wetsuit that I bought a month prior to that. (O'Neil Mutant 4/3) Parents also moved back to San Diego so I'm really excited to get all setup again.  I probably won't bring the PS3 back to San Diego since there are more chances of me playing it while in ATL but I'll have a room close to the beach and everyone else around town.  Now, I just have to redo a lot of my permanent address stuff which is going to take a little figuring out.  Kind of stinks to keep on changing address especially with all the moves in the last 3 years. 

Just had some great Mexican food at Monterey Mexican Grill in Wichita, Kansas.  Usually can't go wrong with Carnitas, and I wasn't disappointed.