Los Cardones EcoLodge and Surf Resort, Nicaragua

After a few weeks of postponement, I hopped on an American Airlines 737 aircraft from ATL to MIA, arrived and satisfied my breakfast hunger with Cuban sandwich along with Cuban coffee. After being delayed for 2 hours for mechanical issues, I finally took off to MGA in an American Airlines 767 (paid $80 for my ZED fare because I cannot jumpseat on American Airlines internationally unlike other domestic carriers), rode a KIA branded taxi for 1.5 hours and arrived at Los Cardones.  Granted this was another solo adventure but the purpose was to scout out the place and more importantly hang out with great company. Adam, Christie, Chris and Myself

A few weeks back, I recently found out that one of my high school gal-friends, took up a 6 month gig to work as managers for the "resort." Whatever the cost, I had to go visit and hang out.   As most of you may know (or not know), I'm always down for anything.  Upon arriving at the resort dressed inappropriately in business attire, I was greeted by her, taken to my cabana and changed.  I was steaming and my wool pants had to come off!

Thoughts of picking up a surfboard and hitting the beach right away were lingering especially after watching Chris hit the waves, but I was feeling more of a mellow tone.   After a while, I decided that it was going to be just a day of rest. The night simply concluded with a wonderfully prepared dinner by Adam and chatter of what the next morning would bring.  It was a long day for me and this is exactly what I needed.

Through the next few days, I would eat 3 meals a day which were prepared VERY well, surf in the morning then just hang out the rest of the day. I didn't do that much except for the random hike around the facility, sleep in an awesome hammock for a few hours, talk it up with friends and just pass the time. It's been a while since I actually got to feel the second hand tick as the minutes at the resort lagged on by. Being "unplugged" was a great feeling, but sometimes I felt like I was missing things. Time was therefore just standing still at certain times but it was a good thing.

Some of you may not realize, but I've been minimal-izing my life as of late. Coming down from an awesome high, I'm loving it more and more. Sometimes I'm tempted here and there, but simplicity and happiness is where it's at. This vacation made me realize it once again that with an ocean, good friends and food, life can be truly gratifying.

Videos and more pictures after the jump!

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I uploaded little tours of the resort to my youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/enicolas and you can watch the videos there or right here down below! The first one is of the resort and the second is of my living quarters. Check them out and leave a comment here or on my youtube page!

It's been awhile

I promised to continue to update the blog on a daily if not every other day basis, but I've just got too much to say sometimes that I talk it out of myself and don't write it down.  I'll keep trying.

Today is the 3rd day out of a 4-day trip and is day 10 out of my 14 of 16 day work schedule.  Plans have gotten a little more solid in terms of when I plan to fly overseas to meet up one of my college friends in the Mediterranean coast.  I leave on a Saturday, arrive Sunday night and hang out for a couple of days.  We're still not sure on what exactly we're going to be doing once I get there, but I'm sure that more plans will come about closer to the dates.  (May 17 - 24th)

Flying this much isn't that bad really, but being away from the comfort of home kind of stinks.  I haven't been back to San Diego now for almost a month and am still dying to try out the new wetsuit that I bought a month prior to that. (O'Neil Mutant 4/3) Parents also moved back to San Diego so I'm really excited to get all setup again.  I probably won't bring the PS3 back to San Diego since there are more chances of me playing it while in ATL but I'll have a room close to the beach and everyone else around town.  Now, I just have to redo a lot of my permanent address stuff which is going to take a little figuring out.  Kind of stinks to keep on changing address especially with all the moves in the last 3 years. 

Just had some great Mexican food at Monterey Mexican Grill in Wichita, Kansas.  Usually can't go wrong with Carnitas, and I wasn't disappointed.