Pancakes and Picnics

Once again, I woke up a little late as my son was tossing and turning all night. Yes, he still sleeps with me but it's awesome. But because I was late and pancakes were on demand, we arrived late for school. I hung around a bit, went to the bank then back home. Had to make some coffee, ate a bit, then all of a sudden, back to school for pickup. Nap, CCD, then a photoshoot for Rancho Penasquitos Banner Advertisement for the San Diego Fair (Del Mar Fair) followed by a small picnic.  Good times with amazing weather. 

End of the Week

Getting back into the groove always proves to be difficult but this time, I'm really setting my sights on something big...something REALLY big. I'm talking about the Oceanside Half Ironman at the end of March 2012. Granted, I'm coming up with a workout regiment and can't wait to join up with the San Diego Tri-Club, but my schedule has already taken a turn for October making it difficult to partake in any of the activities. Here are two runs from this week. I'm still sore in my calves as well as my left foot from when I sanded / buffed over it so we'll see in the coming month if and when I can actually work things out. More or less, I think I'll be able to do my biking and running at the overnights while I'm out and the swimming, I'll have to do when I'm in town at the local 24 Hour Fitness or maybe join up with the YMCA. Does anyone know what kind of skill set you need to have in order to join a Masters' swim course? On a scale from one to ten, I give myself a six in swimming competency. I need to work on my form and breathing. (I guess that's an understatement). I also have a picture of me breaking my 60 minute 10-K barrier at the 2011 Cow Harbor Race!

Monday's Run

Today's Run