MLB to Allow In-Market Streaming

But one smaller issue is being fixed for the 2016 season – MLB will allow fans to stream games in-market. The catches are that only Fox and MLB have reached an agreement (sorry, Comcast), and that you must have an authenticated login to stream the games (sorry, cord cutters).

And yes, the San Diego Padres are finally part of this deal thanks to Fox. Here's the hoping that the team actually gets better. Still disappointed about trading Kimbrel away but the prospects we got in exchange are promising1.

  • Promising that we'll build them up in our farm team then trade them away like every Major League Farm Team to either the Dodgers, Giants, Yankees or Red Sox. We love doing that.

  • Eli Stone and New Amsterdam

    Both these two shows, Eli Stone and New Amsterdam, have been part of my daily cruising the Internet for things to do.  So, I end of on or and stream away the episodes that I have missed.  It's a good streak too especially when you have fallen behind, but it takes up way too much time to catch up.  I'm just in the middle of watching Eli Stone (on the 3rd one straight) and the last episode featured singer/songwriter, George Michael.  It's pretty cool just reading about how the creator and producer is a big fan and how he incorporated the singer into his show.  (Wikipedia)

    Both these shows feature a cast that is just fun to watch interact.  I'm loving the various plots that each episode has to offer and its just refreshing to me that writing like this is still out there.  I still watch How I Met Your Mother, which by the way, had a great ending to the last episode.  It featured Neil Patrick Harris blogging away at his computer like he use to do as Doogie Howser.  That was just an awesome way to end his Sweet Sixteen Womanizer Story.  Oh well, I should probably get back on the being productive track and get some sleep.