I Made it...to the Sheraton!

I've been wanting to do this loop out & back for a while now and I was lucky to be running alongside a Mr. Jack Pham. I started a little too fast (well at least faster than normal = 9:00 pace) and had to take a break at mile 2 but then found the rhythm again and got back to it. My moving average was definitely slower than I would have liked clocking in at 10:36 / mile but I felt good.

Along the way though, the shin splint that I developed on the treadmill the day prior running 3 miles started to tingle and get the best of me. I was also trying to run a little more flatter, which helped out, but ultimately, my legs weren't feeling it. I mentioned to Jack at the end of the run that I felt like the time I finished my first ever 10K / first race without training.

With the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon June 5th just around the corner, I'm starting to get a little scared but I'm starting to definitely pick up the pace. I'm thinking of trying out my older Asics again. I don't remember getting bad shin splints with them as compared to my Lunarglides+ 2s. I can't believe that the Ragnar Relay: So Cal is next weekend either!

Ragnar Relay Routes

Looking over my Runner 4 profile, (Leg 4, Leg 16, Leg 28) what's 4.3 miles | Moderate / 5.6 miles | Hard / 5.7 miles | Hard for a total of 15.6 miles!? I'm definitely capable of doing that. I guess I should try running Miramar Lake at different intervals all throughout the day. Who's with me for some Saturday fun day training? Maybe we should hit it on Friday night for a lap and then do another on Saturday morning? If you don't want to click on any of the above links, here are the profiles of each of my runs. The last one looks like a little bit of a doozy with that last minute incline, but I'm all for the 24 hour challenge!