What's Fernet?

Fernet what?

The easiest way to explain the taste is to imagine Jägermeister without the sugar. You shoot it, immediately getting a strong hit of mouthwash - drying the mouth out, stinging the tongue. Its kind of like getting hit in the nose. Your brain hurts, your eyes sting and water, you cough a bit. Then, as soon as it begins a warm wave of relief washes over and you are left baptized in Italian herbals and golf ball eyed awake.

Of course, The Atlantic called it a few years ago as the Liquour you're still not drinking. I'll admit it's been a while but it's because I'm not searching. Have you tried it lately?

I wrote this article a few months ago after first trying it in no other city than San Francisco but The Bold Italic just released an awesome infographic so I thought I'd finally publish.

And always, don't forget my recent post on Esquire's drinking recommendation. ^_^


San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

If you live in the San Francisco-Oakland area, the news isn't without daily coverage of the Bay Bridge!  Of course that's before this morning's Apple iPhone 5S/C event so stay tuned here for the final post event update.  But I digress.  I have yet to see the new Bay Bridge or drive through it but if you want to check out the amazing feat, watch the beautiful time-lapse below compressing 42,000 hours into just 4 minutes! http://youtu.be/GDUIYZKlknk

Of course the biggest news is the fact that for the first time in history, pedestrians and cyclists will have access to the SFO-OAK Bay Bridge's new East Span.  Once the entire bridge is completed, it will provide a 2.2 mile stretch between Oakland and Yerba Buena Island.  For safety sake, all you cycling speed demons will be limited to 15 mph and will be heavily patrolled by the police.

BayTrail MAP SEP 2012 REV

Here's are some beautiful shots by San Jose Mercury News Gaming Editor Gieson Cacho.


Miramar Lake #2 + Bay to Breakers!

Another good run at a good pace but I definitely know that I can do better. Maybe I'll do two laps next time at this pace and then see what's up. After today's run, I'm starting to feel confident which is a good thing. So... I said in a previous post that I was considering running Bay to Breakers 100th Anniversary and today, I registered my wife and I. Low and behold, it's selling out as I was only able to register for the "F" Corral; the last group in the race. I'm looking forward to a Saturday night in San Francisco as well as the race on Sunday the 15th of May. Should be fun!

Here's my run data from below using my Garmin Edge 500.