My Monday Jam

After listening and watching to literally over 20 different iterations of "Let Me Love You," the way that Alex Goot, Against the Current and Kurt Hugo Schneider arranged the latest Justin Bieber / DJ Snake song is just awesome music! Loved the video and song so much that I even bought it on iTunes for only $1.29! Well worth it. Wish I could download the video too.

That note that Chrissy Constanza dips on the middle "Na Na Na" just hits so good. So so good.

Watch Coachella Live Exclusively on YouTube Starting at 3:30pm Pacific!

For those (us) with kids...

Un-leashed by T-Mobile, music fans around the world can tune into Coachella’s YouTube channel on April 15-17 to catch performances of both emerging artists and the biggest acts on the lineup. The live stream will also be available on the YouTube Music app, and on any screen where you can watch YouTube.

Maybe I should setup the projector screen again and just stream a weekend long dance party at my house?! Check out Channel 1!

update #1: added direct link to "Channel 1"

Read or Better Yet, Jam with Your Kid!

Crucially, its findings are based on situations where the child’s musical activities were informal and shared, typically with a parent – essentially a playful social experience.

Simple and fun musical activities can have enormous power in developing numeracy and literacy: try improvising a counting song, or making up new rhymes to familiar tunes.

But the true power of musical play lies in the unique blend of creativity, sound and face-to-face interaction; the learning is strengthened by its basis in a positive, empathic emotional relationship.

Let's jam. I'll host. Bring your best kitchen utensils and percussion instruments.


PSA: If You Like Music, Don't Fall for Beats Headphones

A detailed teardown (via PopMech) of a pair of Beats’ immensely popular Solo headphones conducted by hardware-focused venture capital firm Bolt has some answers buried beneath. The headphones are incredibly cheaply made. The company cuts corners everywhere it can; gluing pieces together instead of using screws, and reducing the amount of tooling wherever possible. Amazingly, for all the company’s claims about precision sound design, the headphones use freaking off-the-shelf drivers!

As if this wasn't reason enough?! I still can't believe that Apple was tricked into buying such a shitty product! And yes, I Have tested and spent spent $399 on their Stuido Pro but promptly returned them one hour later. Trash!

Do yourself a favor and go with some Grados. The best $100 on headphones you can spend are on the Prestige Series SR80e.

Also of not, their "award winning" Beats Solo are essentially filled with extra metal for added weight to trick you into thinking they are substantial.

Need New Tunes? Discover Some Every Monday at Noon Pacific

A great new music site that I just discovered released a new iOS app for only $1.99. If you're like me and love discovering new music and tunes to listen to, check it out! You can always subscribe via e-mail to Noon Pacific and have that awesome playlist sent to you every week. Either way, since I travel quite a bit, bringing them with me on my iPhone is the way to go. It's more of a chill vibe that's totally reinvigorating me in writing more!

Noon Pacific is a great way to find new music to listen to, and while the playlists are hosted on 8Tracks (and you can always use their app and follow them), the Noon Pacific app packages them up nicely, lets you play each weekly playlist one right after the other, shows you which songs are playing, and lets you scroll back through all of the past playlists easily. It's a universal app as well, and the iPad version looks good on its large screen.

Built and curated by Clark Dinnison every week for your listening enjoyment. Better than Beats Music in my mind.

Noon Pacific iOS

via LifeHacker

Spotify or Pandora and Introducing Beats Music

With the impending January 21st release of the subscription only Beats Music, I'm thinking two things: 1: why on earth do we need another music streaming service and 2: with Spotify announcing unlimited ad-supported service just yesterday, why would I want to pay $9.99 a month?1 I'll admit, I do like Beats Music "Madlibs" type playlist creation and the interface does looks pretty slick. Since they have a free trial I'll give them a shot. As a small bonus, apparently because I'm an AT&T wireless subscriber, I have the opportunity to get 90 days free on the family plan! After that, it's $14.99 a month and I already know that I'm 90% NOT going to pay. I'm all about equal opportunity and trying out new services, but both the free Pandora or Spotify options don't have me wanting to spend money.

Unrelated, my wife and I are REALLY contemplating unplugging our television services later this year. Time to hunker down right and spend money wisely. Too bad didn't last and what the heck HBO? Why can't you detach yourself from a cable subscription already?!

In our experience it’s always been a living, breathing human who has brought us that song we fell in love with. The song you couldn’t stop playing over and over. The album you deemed a headphone masterpiece. The mix tape that made you think “I’m gonna marry this one.” We tried to remember a time a robot found us magic but all we could find were the times the robot made us laugh: “You like Pantera? Have you heard of Black Sabbath?” “You like Mumford and Sons? Here’s another song with banjos!”

We wanted to build a service that was more than a server, one that was truly of service to the listener. We wanted to combine the trust that comes from excellent hand-picked music with the personalization that knows you’re an individual and that a handful of stations can’t satisfy all listeners.

If you want to be transported somewhere else, try RIGHT NOW. Just tell Beats Music where you are, what you feel like doing, who you’re with, and what kind of music you’re looking to hear and we’ll take care of the rest by delivering you an endless playlist for your context, be it real or imaginary.

Beats Music

As of this writing, the following are numbers of 'Likes' from their Facebook Page: 6.3 million for Pandora, 4 million for Spotify and 92k for Beats Music. I guess that's good for a service that hasn't launched yet.

  1. Pandora One cost $36 a year or $3.99 a month; Spotify costs a similar $9.99 a month.