Mt. Woodson Hike

Setting out for a late morning hike with Joyce O. and Greg J., we would find out early on that it was going to be a very hot hike up the local mountain. Looking up some details the night before on San Diego Hikers, details included a difficulty of 6/10 and a length of approximately 8.0 miles there and back. Browsing the Lake Poway Trails website also provided some good details. Driving into Lake Poway, I was surprised there wasn't a parking charge (which usually costs $5) and we made our way to the right hand side of the park as far south and east as possible parking as close as possible to the trailhead. I parked the car in a good shaded area and then applied some sunscreen while waiting for Greg.

We set out right away and the uphill began. We would take breaks here and there and I noticed that I was drinking too much as my Nalgene bottle was only a quarter full when I got to the top. I ended up jogging the last 1.3 miles and came to the idea that I'd like to do this again as a "trail run," sometime. The bottom line and goal of this hike was really all about the photo op. I mean,'s just something to have posted on facebook or my website right? The picture is misleading but looks awesome. You'll have to hike it to find out what I'm talking about.

Not only was this trail a great hike, I remembered to bring my Garmin Edge 500 and have the data embedded below! If you check it out, the uphill battle was definitely much more of a workout compared to the downhill portion. With that, I've come to the realization that going downhill sucks. It's hard on my knees and isn't as much fun.

From Lake Poway to Mt. Woodson and back! Here's the Garmin Connect Data!

End of the Month Run

After four days of cold and bitter weather, I landed in San Diego two nights ago and then immediately prepared for some hot yoga. Being awake for over 17 hours and just coming off of a 4 hour flight isn't necessarily the best way to prep for the hotness, but Adelle and I still went for it. I almost didn't have a choice but none the less, I enjoy it. The following morning, I wake up from a zombie attacking / survival mode dream (yes, I blame the yoga and dehydration status), and am wide awake. Adelle heads out for her shift and I just hang out until I get the will power to head out for my San Diego Harbor Loop. I guess some of you, namely a Mr. Ryan Espiritu, might not consider it a "loop" but I do. I guess you can call it an out and back but and just because I want Ryan to still be my friend, I official concede.

I felt good heading out but I didn't hydrate properly and the sun was definitely beating down on me. The first three miles were great great running at under a 10 minute pace, but then it went to crap. I got a phone call, my headset stopped working for a minute and then when I started to head back, the 11:00 sun got the best of me. I didn't bring any water with me and I wasn't prepared for the heat. I would find a pace runner here and there, but ended up walking more on the way back and could never find the initial stride that I had. Overall, I'd say that I felt like a 6/10 and when I got back to the apartment, I drank and drank, and drank...and now I'm sitting here blogging. Good times all around!

Here are some awesome pictures of the beautiful weather thanks to an awesome high pressure ridge just to the north. You have here the Downtown San Diego skyline with some sailboats scattering the bay and the Hilton San Diego Bayfront and the Coronado Bay Bridge. Awesome day for a run!

2nd Brick in the Bag

Getting out to perform another brick was a little bit more of a task than the first. Motivation wasn't necessarily high but I knew that I should do it up so I donned my Saxo Bank Cycling Suit and headed out. I put on earbuds this time w/ my iPhone Quattro set to shuffle my 'Recently Added Music' Playlist as well as drinking a full bottle of liquid. That wasn't the best idea, but for nutrition, I had half a Costco pizza, polish dog and a chicken caesar salad w/ diet coke to boot. Mix in a couple of samples from the Sunday Costco Buffet and that was it. I can't say that it was good energy, but nonetheless, I was ready. I didn't have anything else to work out. I was making good time on the bike ride but near the end of the last climb, a weird muscle that I've never felt on my back start to pain me a little. It slowed me down tremendously, but I kept on rolling. This ride was definitely a lot more "boring" without a pace setter w/ me (ala @juanrcm) but it was a good ride overall. When I got to the house, I changed quickly and for the first time realized how hard it is to actually change from bicycling outfit to running shorts with all the sweat in between. I almost didn't make the change because it was like taking off a wetsuit and putting on another wetsuit. Gross I know, but seriously sucks!

I stepped outside and started jogging forgetting to grab my new Garmin Wrist Strap for my Garmin Edge 500 GPS.  I didn't want to delay further so I set out at a mild pace. At about .2 miles, I noticed how my legs felt as if concrete had dried up in my veins. It was a rough first mile, but I got through it. I'm definitely happy that this time around I was able to ride 12.9 miles and jog ~3.4 miles mimicking the full route for the San Diego Tri-Rock. I felt good overall but I'm still lacking in the swimming portion. I better get on that huh?

Here are my Garmin Connect Maps from yesterday's brick.

Books & My First Brick

As previously noted just a day ago, I signed up for my first Sprint Tri.  More specifically, I signed up for the San Diego Tri-Rock which is just under 58 days from the publishing of this post.  I have the bug and I can't deny it.  Buying a couple of magazines tonight and reading the last two editions of Competitor Magazine San Diego Edition, I'm all about getting fit and doing it right.  Well, starting off on the right foot at least.  I thought that I could get off to a simple easy start w/ more magazines so I set out to Barnes and Nobles in Mira Mesa and picked up a couple more.

One of my friend's had a book entitled "Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance" by Matt Fitzgerald which looked good so I thought of picking that up too.  Of course, the only one that they had in stock was on hold but I might as well just buy the book from Amazon anyways.  I also found another book by critically acclaimed trainer, coach and athlete Joe Friel conveniently titled "Your First Triathlon" so I added that to the cart too.  Expect reviews on in the upcoming weeks.

Click on these links below to check them out via my amazon affiliate link!

Since I decided a couple of days ago to do this sprint tri, I thought that I should get a head start and do the bicycle and running portion of the race.  Apparently this is called a brick with whom I was enlightened by Mr. Espiritu (@ly0n123).  Today was the first full day that I was back in San Diego, so I made it my goal to do the 4S Ranch CC Loop (which conveniently happens to be a 20K (12.4 miles)) followed by a 5K (3.1 miles).  I also got to ride with a new colleague, Mr. Juan M. (@juanrcm)who found me on Twitter as a cyclist in his neighborhood.  I kept a great pace with a goal in mind to beat my previous 55 minute trial and riding alongside Juan made it easier and more enjoyable. Check them out here via my Garmin Edge 500 from Garmin Connect. note: I still have yet to pick up the Garmin Quick Release kit so that I can wear my G500 on my wrist instead of gripping it in my hand while jogging. Maybe I'll pick it up tomorrow at REI in Convoy.

I had a 10 minute transition which included changing my outfit + shoes and waiting for my sister. It all worked out in the end, but I copped out and only completed 2 miles. Here's my excuse if you care to know: It was getting dark and I decided that I should head in.

I still think that I did a pretty awesome job with it being my first brick workout and all. I'm going to be at Nite Moves SD tomorrow night anyways for a full 5K so I don't feel that bad. Come check it out!

If you're asking, I'm thinking about swimming tomorrow or sometime later in the week. Not open water just yet, but we'll see.

Fitness is the new Goal

I've always been into some kind of staying in shape activity but lately, I've definitely felt the need and desire to take it to a different level. I'm feeling more competitive, energetic and just want to do a lot!  It started with the Mud Run a couple of weeks back with my good friend and groomsman Bobby Nourani.  I've also done a 10K with Matty P in Northport, Long Island New York and the St. Patty's 10K in San Diego, all three which I didn't train for.  I'm not proud, but I think that I need to get a little more serious. I'm sure you've noticed that I've also been cycling quite a bit over the last year but because of my erratic work schedule, I haven't been able to keep a constant build.  Even my friend Ryan Espiritu has passed me up in cycling accomplishments and we started around the same time!  Bottom line, I'm going to try harder.  You can check out the past 20 or so days since the Mud Run below.  You'll see my stats and everything that I'm logging on Garmin Connect.  You can also track me on my Garmin Connect Identity here: irija Fun times!!!