Switch Success

From Aaron Souppouris, Senior Editor at Edgadget.

I've had the Switch for just under two weeks. I was always going to like it, but recently, I've grown to love it.

I traveled away from my home in London to New York a couple of days ago, and the Switch has made a great travel buddy. Typically, I take a 3DS or a Vita (or both) to pass the time on the eight-hour flight and scratch my gaming itch after late nights writing in hotels. This time, though, I essentially have a home console always within arm's reach.

A home run from Nintendo!

My First VLOG

This is it! I've been wanting to do this since 2004, and I have no idea why it took this long. Let me advise you; this is the VERY first, rough cut and who knows what I'm going to do with it, but please endulge me. I'd love to keep this up and have conversations along the way. Cheers!

Once again, thanks to Mr. John Saddington for being the motivation to finally get around to do this. Follow him on his journey and his blog. And look, it's 23:30 and I was able to to push this out before midnight! 

Atlanta United Brings in Fourth Biggest Crowd -- Worldwide!!!

According to a report from Soccer America on Monday, Sunday night's 2-1 league-debut loss to the New York Red Bulls drew the weekend's fourth-largest soccer crowd worldwide. The attendance of 55,927 was topped only by 75,000-plus crowds at the home grounds of Borussia Dortmund, FC Barcelona and Manchester United.

Remarkable! Let's bring this to San Diego already!!! One of my buddies has season tickets and this would be something I'd love to take my family too. Check out his view from Section 128 Row 12!!!

And look at those crowds in the street!!!

LogTen Pro X Cadet

A wonderful and fantastic update for all my pilot friends out there logging their hours in flight! Still the best in the business and love Noah and the company. (this is not a paid or endorsed advertisement. I just love their software and support)

My biggest takeaway from this, besides the obvious Nightmode, would be that if you are just getting into aviation, truth is, the initial 40 hour limit for trial was a little on the lighter side. Now, with 'Cadet,' you get to log up to 250 hours which would put you at the tail end of your commercial rating. Great stuff!

  • Automatic 'Night Mode'

  • Mobile roster importing with integrated Roster Buster access

  • Completely overhauled 'Reports'

  • 'Recent items' listings

  • and a 600% increase in free time for students (to 250 hours Total Time)

A 3D Printed Granny Flat

Definitely could use one of these in the backyard! And for "only" $10k plus furnishings, definitely doable.

Drink More, Excercise More or Vice Versa

Past epidemiological studies have shown that people who exercise tend numerically also to be people who drink, and vice versa. In a typical study from 2001, for example, researchers found that men and women who qualified as moderate drinkers, meaning they downed about a drink a day, were twice as likely to exercise regularly as teetotalers.

Just in case you forgot, especially with all the news ot there, there's a link between the two and it's green for go, go go!!! Happy St. Patrick's Month!

Porsche Fits One More Seat in the New Panamera Sport Turismo

I think I can finally convince the wife since this Panamera holds that crucial 4+1 seat for a grandparent or friend. =P I like it a lot and can't wait for 3-5 years for a Certified Pre-Owned version. Maybe BMW will finally bring back the 5-Series wagon stateside after their abysmal E60 showing.

Car and Driver // Road and Track

I've Been Thinking

I've been thinking about podcasting or vlogging every since I can remember the medium becoming popular. Scratch that. I have tried twice and one I thought was "almost" successful (Peak Interest w/ Mr. Channing Work) but after watching John Saddington of 8bit going for 100 days straight of daily publishing, my drive has been reignited. It's still taking a while but I really want to do it. Coming up with topics and then editing daily seems more daunting the more I think about it, but it's all about just recording, editing minimally and pushing out content!

Stay Tuned Internets!

Not sure if the audio of Peak Interest is still around since we stopped hosting, but it'd be nice to come up with an episode. =) Cheers!

Nintendo Stock Jumps 5% on Switch Sell-Out

Today was Nintendo's big day! It was so big with the Nintendo Switch release at midnight, that their stock even jumped 5%. No, I wasn't able to get in, but I'm still thinking there is room for growth. If you haven't already read, Zelda scored a 10/10 on IGN which is a pretty big deal! I'll be playing tonight after the family goes to sleep.

Snipperclips Will Be My Second Game on the Switch (Maybe My First)

The solutions I came across were never obscure, but I can’t say enough about how gratifying it is to solve a puzzle with someone I just met without some notification beforehand telling us what we have to do to progress, even if the solution is so easy a caveman could do it. It absolutely elevated my experience with the game and I hope to God Snipperclips developer SFB Games doesn’t include those types of hints in the final product.

Because I pre-ordered Zelda on Amazon as well as 1-2 Switch, when I pick up my Nintendo Switch tonight, I will NOT have any physical games. I did order them for "Day Of Delivery" but in essence, who knows when that will be tomorrow. So, when I power up my Switch tonight and most likely download sometype of HUGE patch, Snipperclips will most likely be the first game that I execute on Nintendo's latest and greatest.

And, if you DID order or plan on grabbing a Nintendo Switch, supplement that internal 32GB drive with some Samsung Evo Plus 128GB MicroSD goodness! This one even comes with a USB 3.0 Ultra High Speed MemoryMarket Dual Slot MicroSD & SD Memory Card Reader!

Michael Novak, Catholic Scholar Who Championed Capitalism, Dies at 83

“Capitalism forms morally better people than socialism does,” Mr. Novak said in a 2007 interview with Crisis, a magazine he and the scholar Ralph McInerny founded in 1982. “Capitalism teaches people to show initiative and imagination, to work cooperatively in teams, to love and to cherish the law; what is more, it forces persons not only to rely on themselves and their own moral qualities, but also to recognize those moral qualities in others and to cooperate with others freely.”

Publishing "Writing From Left to Right: My Journey From Liberal to Conservative" in 2013, Michael Novak creates various arguments and guides you through his many years in politics and education as well as his time in the Catholic seminary.

Up next on my reading list.