TV Binge Planning

Since the possibility of me being in New York in February at an unknown crashpad location within 2 hours of JFK (and apparently LGA?), I’m starting to plan my time wisely. Not only will I be blogging a bit more here and there but I’ll have some time to read and study and of course, binge watch some television. Wired just released a “How To” on binge watching Star Trek The Original Series and since I wasn’t a huge fan of that series, I thought I’d give it a shot. Why not? Of course, there are these really bad episodes to get through too. =(

I forget to mention, Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown is pretty awesome and you can bet that I’ll be catching up on that too! Catch all four seasons on Amazon($) or watch the first three on Netflix. Season five is currently filiming and I’ll admit, the first few have been pretty awesome. I can’t say that I actually watched all his other shows religiosly, but this one, it’s fantastic! Take my word for it.

What shows are you binge watching or planning to binge watch? If you want to plan out how long it'll take, check out Others in my list include catching up on Arrow & Flash, finishing up House of Cards (which I've been saving) and The Wire. If you like anime, CrunchyRoll is pretty random and amazing. I'll have some posts about my latest series that I'm watching.

SNL Does Serial Right!

It's been a while since I've actually laughed at an SNL skit but I think that they did a wonderful Christmas spoof off of NPR's latest and greatest Serial Podcast.  

I just finished the podcast yesterday and will post my thoughts on another day. Did I enjoy it, yes. I also loved listening to it using Overcast.

Jem and the Holograms… THE MOVIE

You read that right! Director Jon M. Chu along with producer Jason Blum is heading up the new movie and will be doing their best to stay true to the original 80s hit!

First, a Jem primer, because what little people seem to remember of the show is a gaggling girl-band cartoon rendered in infrared pastels, with an emphasis on “glamour and glitter, fashion and fame,” as the show’s theme song goes—Barbie on acid, for short. But just beneath that surface is a third-wave feminist, science-fiction high-fashion narrative that serves up a “play nice” moral through a glamorous battle of the bands.

Jem and the Holograms

A Perfect Review of the HIMYM Finale *spoilers… duh*

If you're going to read one final recap and review of the HIMYM series finale, head over to BoingBoing for details. What did you think about it? HIMYM Last Forever

“We’ll always be friends. It’s just never going to be how it was. It can’t be. It doesn’t have to be a sad thing. There’s so much wonderful stuff happening in all of our lives right now, more than enough to be grateful for. But the five of us hanging out at MacLaren’s being young and stupid? It’s just not one of those things.”

BBC's Sherlock is Back!

Bbcsherlock Last night marked the premiere of the BBC's Sherlock Series 3 staring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman here in the US. If you're like me and find yourself stuck at the airport waiting for an assignment or have the time for some awesome television, make sure to catch the first two series which are only 3 episodes each. Granted each episode is 90 minutes but it some of the best television out there!

You can catch up on either Netflix on if you are an Amazon Prime Member, have at it! If you need more convincing, BBC America posted the '10 Reasons Why Steven Moffat's 'Sherlock' is the Best' which you need to read. Just to mention, I think that the US version, Elementary isn't too bad either only because of Jonny Lee Miller.

SNL Entertains

Over the weekend, Justin Timberlake entertained us as host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live.  This marked his entrance into the Five-Timers Club joining the ranks of other famous celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Alec Baldwin, and Steve Martin.  

As of late, I'll admit SNL has had more misses than hits.  Usually the first thirty minutes of the show includes all the best skits and I stop watching, but with Justin at the helm, it proved much more entertaining.  Vegan Ville, was an easy favorite of mine but the rest of the skits worked out better than most.  Maybe it's my lower expectations but I liked it.  

Without surprise, he performed his "Suit & Tie" hit single with Jay-Z stepping up on stage and he also slyly changed some lyrics throwing it back at Kanye for his earlier snub at the song.  Finishing up, he performed his another single "Mirrors" and I'll admit, it was a great show to watch.  

Pickup Justin's new album, The 20/20 Experience, on Amazon for only $7.00!  


Did you happen to catch him wearing the famous red-soled shoes by Christian Louboutin during his musical performances?