As Expected, Apple Watch Chips Away at Traditional Watch Sales

The market for watches that cost less than $1,000 is most at risk, as consumers in that price range have indicated they’re the most likely to buy an Apple Watch, Levin said. Sales of watches costing between $50 and $999 registered drops in June, the biggest being a 24 percent decline in timepieces from $100 to $149.99, according to NPD’s data.

This is huge. I'd go as far and say it's a significant swing in the market especially in light of all the newcomers such as Marc Jacob and Nixon. This is their territory.

PSA: Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller on SALE for $499.99

I've never been this excited for a stroller ever before but as mentioned before on The Night Light, Baby Jogger's City Select is the best stroller a parent of two or more kids should buy. Now on sale at Albee Baby for $499.99 (you can also go through their Amazon store and help this site out), you end up saving over $169.95!!!

Even if you think or are contemplating that second child, this is the stroller to have and at this price, you can bet that I bought this bad boy!

Baby Jogger City Select with the second seat is the best choice based on its lightweight design, compatibility with over a dozen car seats and its ability to work for both same-age and multi-age children.

On a side note, I called up my local Nordstrom in Escondido and had the pleasure of speaking to Rosalina in Kids. She was very patient with me and price matched the stroller reaffirming, once again that Nordstrom is the epitome of awesome when it comes to customer service and satisfaction! Thanks again!

So, FYI, you can catch me rocking out at the local San Diego Zoo or Safari Park with confidence once this bad boy comes in!

Amazon Same-Day Delivery in San Diego!

Including my native San Diego and 14 other metro areas, Amazon Same-Day Delivery is launching FREE as part of Amazon's ongoing expansion of their Prime Services. Order by noon, and get your package (as long as it's over $35.00) by 9pm local! I'm already reaping the rewards of being a Prime Member with binge watching their shows and free 2-day shipping so do it and take advantage of it too!

A MacBook Letdown

The MacBook just looks and feels like the obvious, no-brainer choice for a small Mac. That’s why people buy it. That’s why I bought it. I loved it before I bought it. I love looking at it and picking it up.

I just hate using it.

I hate typing on it, I hate the trackpad, it’s slower than I expected, the screen is noticeably blurry from non-native scaling to get reasonable screen space, and I don’t even find it very comfortable to use in my lap because it’s too small.

I hate returning things, but I’m returning this.

Some really strong words by Marco Arment about Apple's latest Macbook. I'll agree whole heartedly with all his conclusions and unfortunately, after waiting years for an upgrade to the latest MacBook Pro Retina Display, might take his suggestion in buying yesterday’s model on the cheap and saving some money.

I sold my late 2008 MacBook Pro two years ago and have since been using a late 2010 MacBook Air, but it’s time that I give this laptop back to the wife and grab my own. I’m just sad that the latest MacBook Pro’s released just yesterday are still running Haswell instead of Broadwell and with Intel’s Skylake around the corner, who knows what Apple might do. Not to mention Marco’s disdain for Apple’s new Force Touch Trackpad.

The one thing that I do like with the latest $2,499 MacBook Pro is the new AMD Radeon R9 M370X video card. Clocking in at 70% faster1 than the NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M, it’s quite remarkable but the price is a little much. You’re essentially paying $700 for the Force Touch Trackpad and discrete graphics which end up making it TOO HARD to justify. Going with the pre Force Touch Trackpad MacBook Pro and without discrete graphics at $1799 is too hard to pass up.

  • Footnote #4 under the the MacBook Pro Performance Retina Page: Testing conducted by Apple in April 2015 using preproduction 2.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i7-based 15-inch MacBook Pro systems with AMD Radeon R9 M370X and 2GB graphics memory, and shipping 2.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i7-based 15-inch MacBook Pro systems with NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M and 2GB graphics memory, all configured with 16GB RAM. Resolution used: 1440x900. Tomb Raider tested using the built-in benchmark, with anti-aliasing turned off and low graphics quality. Formula 1 2013 tested using the built-in benchmark, with 2x anti-aliasing and default graphics settings. Batman: Arkham City GOTY tested using the built-in benchmark, with 4x anti-aliasing and high quality setting. MacBook Pro continuously monitors system thermal and power conditions, and may adjust processor speed as needed to maintain optimal system operation

  • JetBlue x Manhattan Portage Sustainability Project

    Now's your chance to own some of JetBlue Airways' previous uniforms. Familiar pieces from the uniform line include the pilot shirt with embroidered wings to the flight attendant tie, shirt and scarf make up some of Manhattan Portages newest pieces. Grab the limited set while you can!

    The Manhattan Portage X JetBlue City Lights Bag is constructed out of recycled JetBlue pilot shirts. Keeping the original garment pocket and pilot wings, the City Lights Bag is a perfect organizational companion. Domestically and internationally, it loves to tag along! Buy here

    The Manhattan Portage x JetBlue Toiletry Case is designed to carry all your important travel necessities. This "above the wing" piece is made entirely from recycled flight attendant uniform materials - the exterior body is JetBlue's signature windowpane shirt, the lining is a scarf and the easy grab-and-go handle is a necktie! Buy here

    I'm thinking about picking up either or or maybe both! And Just in case you wanted something larger, check out the Manhattan Portage x JetBlue Europa.

    My Choice For Portable Battery Chargers

    When you find yourself in and out of subway stations and out and about in the city of New York, I bet that your smart phone quickly runs out of battery. Mine sure does and for that, I highly recommend carrying a lipstick size battery pack. The exact one is from Anker called the Astro Mini 3200mAh. It packs a powerful punch and is almost unnoticeable in your jacket pocket. It's also the #1 rater on Amazon for Camera Flash Battery Packs.

    Pair that with a NomadKey Lightning to USB and you have yourself a perfect little pocket charging device. Take my word, you'll thank me later. For the Android or Windows Mobile folds, there's also a USB Mini variant of the NomadKey. I have both! =)

    Pumping Handsfree and Buttering Them Up

    More recently, a few of our friends have been having children and this post is a way to share some necessities that my wife truly believes in.

    My wife rants and raves about these two must have products for new mothers and current alike. She's been graciously blessed to be able to nurse our two children and couldn't live without the Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra, Pink, XS-L and Bella B Nipple Nurture Butter - 2 oz. Hand-free pumping, from what I hear, is awesome!

    As always, using our Amazon referral links helps keep this site up. Thanks so much!


    Brenthaven Collins Tech Pack 60% off!

    For a cool $19.95 (down from $49.95) go grab a stylistic pack / satchel / murse or man bag to hold all your goods whilst traveling to the local coffee shop for a flat white. Brenthaven just slashed the price of their Collins Tech Pack by 60% and that makes it a wonderful steal!

    The construction is beautiful and is sure to hold your Moleskine, pens and protect your iPad using their "High Density Foam Protection System"! Oh yeah, did I forget about Brenthaven's lifetime guarantee too! If this sale doesn't suit you, there are a few iPad cases and iPhone cases as well marked down by over 75%!

    WiFi Tablet or LTE Enabled Tablet, Now the SAME Price!

    T-Mobile has been truly living up to its latest marketing campaign of being the "Un-carrier" launching Operation Tablet Freedom today. In part 2 of 3 in a barrage of promotions, you can now head on over to T-Mobile and expect to save the $100 to $130 for an LTE enabled tablet. Now, you don't have to decided whether or not it's worth it to go for the cellular enabled tablet because WiFi or LTE, they're the same price! Tmobile lte tablet

    Beginning April 12th, customers can get nearly 1.2 GB of free 4G LTE data every month through 2014 on America's fastest nationwide LTE network.

    Have a T-Mobile voice plan? Bring, buy or trade in a tablet and get:

    • Up to 1GB FREE 4G LTE data per month through 2014
    • PLUS up to 200 MB FREE monthly 4G LTE data for as long as you own your tablet
    • Existing T-Mobile voice plan customers: Get our 1GB plan FREE after a $10 credit

    And for further clarification, you'll still have the ability to take advantage of their 100% free 200MB data plan on the LTE enabled tablet that is owned and registered with T-Mobile once the calendar turns 2015. And you're still unsure about your T-Mobile coverage, head on over to their awesome map!